A Pirate’s Log Book
Type Book
Source underground chamber (Derceto)
Author Ezechiel Pregzt (written by one of his servants)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

A Pirate’s Log Book was a book as well as a message written by Ezechiel Pregzt to the protagonist that was written by one of his servants.

Inscription Edit

Memoirs of a Lost Soul

The mask must fall! You who discover
this manuscript, understand this: I am
here at your side. I am waiting in the
darkness of my crypt. Soon, you will
belong to me. One of my slaves wrote
this document. I have lived for three
centuries and my name is Ezechiel
Pregzt or Eliah Pickford… You
may choose which to call me.

I do not hide out of fear. My power is
immense. I have sailed the seven seas.
My ship, the Astarte, spread terror
through all the continents. The
corsairs judged me like the Welsh
judges of 1620… But they could not
destroy me, and neither could the
pirates. Now, I am immobilised …
Damned Yankees!

Witchcraft, voodoo and the Cthulhu
cult… I know them all. I have
reigned and implored the stones. Only
the Chthonian haunts the cavern and
resists me; but he dare not attack! I
have need of a living body to regenerate
myself. The Hartwoods managed to
escape from me. But you who are
reading these words, you will yield to my

I hear your ragged breath and smell the
stench of your fear. I have vanquished
death. I built Derceto. I know what it
is to wait. Cthulhu helps me. My
servants will lay you upon the
sacrificial stone. My roar will rend the
night. You will be mine and I shall
reign once more. Come to me.

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