A Powder Plot
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A Powder Plot is a book found in the possession of a De Witt, when he is defeated a second time. The boom would become inspiration for Carnby to blow up the dormitory room of the Flying Dutchman, thus revealing a puch of coinswithin some of the remnants of what used to be the bed bunks.


relating the Mutiny
Which was declared in
1769 on H.M.S.
Dark Horse.
xx xx
Danny Boy, being small of size

was able to pass alongside the salting tub.
Clutching a poker, he slipped into the
powder room, where Captain Jenkins,
his officers and what crew-men
remained loyal to King and Country were
all gathered. Jenkins was rallying his
men with a spirited rendition of "Rule

Danny struck the fuse in the keg of

powder during the first verse. He let out
the string.

No sooner had he lit the end of the
fuse with a piece of incandescent metal,
when the ship was buffeted by a large
wave. A poorly stowed barrel slid from

it's mooring and blocked the way out. The

fuse burned on. The men still sang,
except for the trouble-maker, who stood
petrified in terror.

"Never, never, never shall be

slaves" still echoed in the air,
When the Dark Horse blew up.

Several of the survivors claimed

that Danny Boy had tried to extinguish
the fuse by spitting on it. If only
provisions of sand had been made ready
for such emergencies...

From that time on, the stower's

name was cursed by all freebooters. And
so ended in flame and death the tragic
tale of a three-master now resting
80 feet under the waves of the balmy
Indian Ocean.


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