The Abkani Tribe was a native American civilization residing on Shadow Island. Although they have become extinct, Aline Cedrac encounters the Witch Doctor known as Edenshaw who helps her out with the mysteries of Shadow Island. Obed Morton was the formost expert on the Abkani Tribe and has published books on the subject. He was a friend of Edenshaw.

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Abkani Deities Edit

List of the pantheon of gods in the Abkani culture, all of which are based on animals.

Recently transcribed by Aline Cedrac, these warrior stelae, once located deep beneath the hated Shadow Island, cast new light on an ancient and epic battle between light and darkness, and on the for­mation of the Abkanis tribe—the guardians of the gateway to dark­ness. Below are six excerpts, each relating to a deity in the service of Hecatonchires, the God of the Life-bringing Light.

Hecatonchires, the God of the Life-bringing LightEdit

The leader of the Seven Gods of Light

Hemicles – God of StarlightEdit

The seven Gods of Light, sons of the stars from afar, sought a haven to repose from their cosmic voyage, a haven of rest. Won over by its limpid oceans, its towering mountains, its deep forests, and its plains stretching beyond the horizon, they chose Earth. But it this distant age, which no human mind can recall, dark creatures of exceptional savagery ruled the planet. The Gods of Light chose to fight them. The first into battle was Hemicles who, with his lighting power, chased these creatures whose reign of terror spread to the ethereal corners of the globe.

This god is represented by a bull's head.

Hemicles's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a bull's head

Anticoalt – God of Original LightEdit

Anticoalt then went forth into battle. He sent forth sheaves of multicolored light from his golden shield. The plains sparkled with a thousand fires, the skies turned red, and the rivers gleamed like iri­descent serpents. The creatures of the night then hid in the heart of the darkest forests.

This god is represented by a bison's head.

Anticoalt's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a bison's head

Ouphenos - God of the Light of FearEdit

When the fires of Anticoalt had burnt out, Ouphenos unslung the bow from his shoulder and thrust his hand into his crystal quiver. He shot more than ten thousand arrows like as many dazzling sunbeams into the lair where the shadows cowered. The creatures then withdrew farther into the mountain caves.

This god is represented by a bear's head.

Ouphenus's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a bear's head

Heliopaner – God of RadianceEdit

The Creatures of Darkness took refuge on the mountaintops. Heliopaner pitched a thousand suns to burn in the Earth's sky. The ocean's waters evaporated, and the creatures were forced into refuge beneath the shade of the trees on the plains. Heliopaner then extinguished his suns, and rain fell on the Earth for a thousand years.

This god is represented by a fish's head.

Heliopaner's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a fish's head

Gilamesh - God Sovereign LightEdit

The gods held counsel, then sent Gilamesh into battle. He thrust his silver lance into the sky, climbed atop the clouds, and sunk his blade into the heart of the sun. The lance melted and fell to Earth, filling every recess with light. The creatures of darkness were forced deeper into the Abyss.

This god is represented with a snake's head.

Gilamesh's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a snake's head

Melacanthe — God of Binding LightEdit

Melacanthe took up his golden sword and once more spread terror among the crea­tures of the night, which took refuge beneath the Earth's crust. But the gods grew weary of this con­flict. Hecatonchires, the God of the Life-bringing Light, created a race of Guardians, humankind, to watch over the creatures of the night that they may never escape from their dark prison. Then the gods resumed their journey to the stars, leaving us their life-breath and their magic.

This god is represented with a horse's head.

Melacanthe's Sculpted Stone Seal representing a horse's head

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Movie VersionEdit

In the first Alone in the Dark movie, the Abkani were an ancient native-American civilization. The civilization believed that there were two worlds, light and dark. 10,000 years ago from the persent day, they opened a gate between those two worlds. When they opened something evil went through the portal before they were able to shut the portal. The Abkani then mysteriously vanaished from the earth. They left behind a few artifacts, which were hidden, probably by the Abkani, in the world's most remote places

In 1967, the first remnants of this ancient civilization were discovered in a mine by mine workers.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare