Alanshad is a creature of darkness , the final boss fight of Edward Carnby in bowels Shadow Island in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare .


This is the transformation of Alan Morton after he was dragged from his brother Obed , who was also changed, in darkness. It looks like a huge misshapen man, extremely thin, the slim and long limbs, the purple skin and clawed fingers. The face still vaguely resembles that of Alan, is still present its distinctive right eye and emits a verse inhumane, although you can also hear a vague human laughter in it. And 'able to pursue the enemy running very quickly, to attack tends to try to scratch the prey with his left hand as if it's close enough, can grab it and throw it away causing them very serious damages. Although to damage from conventional weapons only launches Abkanis , it can kill.

strategy Edit


Carnby meets Alanshad in one of the caves under Shadow Island and will prevent him from collecting the Indian statue head. The monster is extremely fast and durable, to deal with the best weapons arsenal, but none of these are necessary will be able not only to kill but not to block his attacks or arrest the advance. The only weapon that can defeat it is the spear Abkanis hidden in one of the cave tunnels, but if you try to reach it until Alanshad is still conscious these appear at the entrance of the tunnel and attack the character. If he can get to the main character he will try to scratch it with his left hand or the grab with the right to throw it away. To cause him damage it is necessary to look first of all to escape it even if you can not outdistance. A good method is to slow down the run up to that Alanshad will not be in close proximity to Carnby, at that point to start running again, the creature will stop for groped to attack allowing to distance from him. At this point you have to turn around and hit him once or twice and then resume running and start the process. After having inflicted a considerable amount of damage the monster will collapse on his knees for a few moments, giving the player time to recover the spear Abkanis in one of the tunnels; Once extracted Carnby will reincarnate in a Abkanis warrior and kill Alanshad piercing him.


-If You go into the clash with cave Alanshad in Aline game it will not be possible to descend up to the real, but you can distinctly hear the Night Ripper move around the area.


  • AlanShad model
  • Alanshad
  • Carnby confronts Alanshad
  • Alanshad grabs Carnby
  • Carnby faces Alanshad
  • Alanshad on his knees
  • Alanshad on his knees
  • Carnby, reincarnated, kills Alanshad
  • Carnby, reincarnated, kills Alanshad
  • Carnby, reincarnated, kills Alanshad
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