Alan Morton
Gender Male
Race Human (formerly)

Alan Morton

Alan Morton was the brother of Obed Morton as well as the son of Howard Morton and Lucy Morton. He is the primary antagonist in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.


Even as a young child, Alan had the gift of talking with the shadow creatures, which his grandfather considered disturbing. Reason of this was due to him being fixated with Creatures of Darkness and where they dwell more that ever since witnessing one of these creatures mauled Lucy Morton when she riding her horse until rendered blind and loss the ability to walk. Alan estranged himself from his family due to the said obsession. In Alan's notebook, he even claims that the rest of his family are scared of the creatures of the dark, which disgust him. In spite of various setbacks in his educations as he was once expelled from the boarding school in Boston before the end of his first year, Alan turned out to overcome this by became the more capable student than Obed that led him become a prominent scientist. Though his works were plagiarized by Obed out of his impression with the latter's astonishing achievements, Alan tolerate him as long as he never betray their family's secrets.

However, Obed's weak heart eventually led him reveal his secrets to Lamb, whom later help the brothers for their experiments. Thought this gave the beneficial results for Alan, he began to distrust Obed as Obed also married and likely hindered from his focus on their experiments, led him to turned Obed into a monster.

Howard experimentat-subject

Alan experimenting on his own father


He was experimenting on corpses in his secret laboratory beneath the chapel in the swamp on Shadow Island. He escaped from the lab when Edward Carnby enters. Later Alan was confronted by Edward, Aline and Edenshaw when he tried to open the portal to the World of Darkness, but he managed to knocked Edenshaw as he opened the the portal and entered it. Edward and Aline found him in the World of Darkness, but Alan's brother, Obed, grabbed him and jumped with him in a pit, making an undead out of Alan. Alan attacked Edward when he tried to find an sculpture of an Indian head. Edward then killed Alan with an Indian spear.

Dark Maze
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In order to defeat Alan, Carnby must attack him with weapons with high damage input. He must keep his distance with Alan as he could grab him and threw him on the walls, dealing moderate damage. Once damaged enough, Alan would incapacitated and Carnby must enter a corridor where when he approach the end of the corridor, the cutscene would plays where Carnby transformed into an Indian warrior just as Alan recovers. When Alan attempt to pursue Carnby, Alan ended up met the transformed Edward that immediately impale Alan with a spear, killed him.

Differences betwen GameboyEdit

  • Alan Morton is the sole antagonist of the game, with no mention of Alan having a brother.
  • Alan was a multi-millionaire who spent his money on Iandian artefacts
  • In the gameboy color, Alan was obsessed with the statue, which not only mutated anyone closes by, but was also able to create a portal to the netherworld.
  • He had servants, but he made sure that they were unable to hurt the creature, even to defend themselves against them.



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