Alan Morton's Diary
Alan Morton's Diary
Source Alan Morton's bedroom
Author Alan Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Alan Morton's Diary was a leather bound book that contained the transcription of Alan Morton's diary. it was found in Alan Morton's bedroom, on top of the cabinet near the bed.

Inscription Edit

January 13th 1963

Today, i am ten years old and
Mummy fell off her horse. She
says she saw a big shadow jump up
Sultan rear up. daddy made a
doctor come from the mainland.
he says mummy won't ever walk
or see anymore. I wonder what
its like to be blind. i try closing
my eyes but it isn't the same,
because i know i can open them

Grandpa Jeremy made a new
machine. Its not like all the
other ones, it doesn't do much of
anything. But it is very funny.
You can make photographs that.
move with it. He told me again
never to go near the gate. When
I said that Obed and I discovered
it when we were playing in the
ruins of the fort, he got really
angry. I know Grandpa Jeremy can
open it up. Maybe some he'll
show me.

June 21st 1973

Grandpa Jeremy died this morning.
Father's sorrow doesn't seem
great. Grandpa Jeremy never told
me how to open the gate. When I
asked him, he told me that if my
desire was true, then i would
find a way. Father has forbidden
us from going to the fort. He has
even changed the combination of
the lock to the gate on the

If only he realized! Father is
afraid of the creatures of
Darkness, I'm certain of it. He is a
coward! he doesn't trust the
weapons Grandpa Jeremy made. He
said we were going to leave the
island, and that it was time we started living a normal life.
I think Mother agrees with him.
I don't want to live anywhere
but here. The world of men
revolts me with all its
triviality. Their preoccupations
are so crude. Man is so vain!
Grandpa left me a letter and
half a photo of us in front of
the gate. I can't even remember
when he took it. There's a
number written on the back. But
I can't do anything with it. It's
not the code of the control
board in the library.

Why are they all so afraid of
the shadows of the night? I know
one day i will learn to speak
their language. I know that, one
day, I will pass into the World of
Darkness. And then, nobody will
be able to tell me what I can
or can't do, or what is good and
what is evil.

April 18th 1992

It's a big day. The construction
of my laboratory is nearly
finished. I really need it to open
up new vistas for my research.
Obed is terrorized, but what can
this pale reflection of a man
The Lords of Darkness are with
me: by digging the underground
gallery that leads to the tunnel
to the sacrificial chapel, i have
discovered another way to get to
the gate.

So i won't have to clear Grandpa
Jeremy 's path that my idiot father
made inaccessible. As soon as I
get my hands on that
translation. I'm so impatient! and
let's hope that Edenshaw doesn't
get it in his head to start
telling me how to behave again. I
have never understood his real
motivations. Grandpa Jeremy held
him in high esteem.

But i know he is on the wrong
side of the shadow, that, when
the moment comes, he will try
everything to stop me from
succeeding. I know that when
the time comes I'll have to
neutralize him... him too.

March 2nd 1995

I have just re-read a few pages of
my notebook and i realized just
how right i have always been.
Father should never have gotten
between us and our destiny. But
in the end, he has been much
more helpful to me than he
would ever have believed. I have
made great progress in the
translation of the tablets: A new
world is going to open before me.

It bothers me little that Obed
profits from my achievements
in order to win himself honours in
high society. One day, my brother
will find a wife, and have
children, then what? Then he
will return to Shdaow Island to
fulfill his fate. I don't have the
luxury of all that time to
waste. We live in immense danger.
But what of it? We Mortons
have lived with danger for over
a century! We have mastered it
and learned how to tame it.
Obed is a sniveling coward, just
like all the others.

Grandpa Jeremy left me several
leads, but i still don't
understand why he never confided.
the secret of the gate to me. No
doubt he thought that I didn't
deserve it... I still need raw
materials. Those i used for my
initial experiments are rotting.
Barely good enough to drop in
the pickling formalin. The storms
too are too infrequent. Obed met
somebody that could resolve my
supply problems.
I've made so much progress since
my last attempt. Oh father, I
never would have believed that
you would one day be so close to
divinity. perfect fusion is within
my grasp.

July 8th 2000

While i was foraging through
Obed's affairs, i found definitive
proof that he has not only
betrayed me, but the whole of
the Morton family history! The
letter Lamb sent him leaves me in
no doubt. More raw materials,
but this time fresh!

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