Alan Morton's Notebook
Alan Morton's Notebook
Source Alan Morton's Office
Author Alan Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Alan Morton's Diary was an exercise book that contained a subscription of Alan Morton's study notes. It acts as a continuation of Alan Morton's Diary. It can be found on the desk of Alan's office.

Inscription Edit

The human/shadow fusion has
become a reality. All these
years of groping my way along!
How many false leads have I
followed? How many detours?
But today... Today the truth is
standing before my very eyes. Oh
Father your veins are run once again
with life. Father, you are my
first-born son.

The cells of the Creatures of
Darkness do not contain, properly
speaking, DNA. Rather, a
crystalline structure with
surprising photosensitive
properties is present! It is as
though the creatures didn't
reproduce, or rather, as if they
multiplied after the manner of
bacteria. I don't yet understand
the factors which trigger this
multiplication, but it is obvious
that once i manage to pass
behind the gate, i will know
infinitely more.

The fusion is based on a principal
of surprising simplicity for which
I haven't yet mastered all the
elements: it is necessary to first
extract a few milligrams of the
crystalline structure - the most
effective being those that
cluster around the center of
what could pass for a skull.
(The creatures have neither
skeleton nor flesh nor, properly
speaking, blood. They are closer
in structure to the mineral
than the animal - one could say
it is as though mineral
attempted to imitate the
evolution of the living.) Once
extracted, the crystalline
structures are injected directly
into the vascular system of a
dead, or living, human. I am
persuaded I can perfect the
procedure. Mixing the
crystalline structures of
different creatures, i obtained
a more stable result.

I can't deny that, reading the
lines I have just written, I have
the impression of holding a
treaty on medieval medicine in
my hands. It is nonetheless the
truth, the fruits of my labour.
The World of Darkness is
revealing its secrets to me. From
now on, i will need more bodies.
I am going to multiply the
experiments. Obed will provide
the supply!

His friends on the continent
seem to have even less scruples
than me.

Appearances Edit

Dark Maze
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