Dr. Aline Cedrac
Aline movie
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Status Unknown
Race Caucasian
Relations Edward Carnby (lover/partner)
Actor(s) Tara Reid
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark

This article is about the character as portrayed in the Alone in the Dark movie. For the main article about Aline in The New Nightmare, see Aline Cedrac.

Aline Cedrac is an anthropologist and the deuteragonist of the film Alone in the Dark. She is played by actress Tara Reid.

History Edit

When Edward Carnby is dedicated to investigating paranormal events and is on the trail of nineteen strangely missing people, Carnby finds that all have a common link that he also shares: they all grew up in the same orphanage as he. Given the danger looming, he goes to Aline for help to fight the supernatural forces that threaten human existence.

Aline decides to help to solve the case, getting caught in a new mystery that would reveal many truths.