The steam version of Alone in the Dark: Illumination contains a list of achievements that the player is challenged to unlock. Below is a list of every achievement, the amount of Gamerscore acquired, and the description of how to get it.


Black LungEdit

Black Lung-Icon

Complete the Mines of Lorwich Campaign.

Grave DiggerEdit

Grave Digger-Icon

Complete the Tomb Beneath the Graves Campaign.

Diamonds and RustEdit

Diamonds and rust-Icon

Complete the Cursed Railroad Campaign.



Kill 25 Creatures using Lightning Strike.

Critical ConditionEdit

Critical Condition-Icon

HP dropped to 10% or lower, but still survived the level.

Plenty more where that came fromEdit

Plenty more-Icon

Killed 500 Creatures.



Max out a trait ability.



Kill 100 Creatures using a Flamethrower.



Kill 100 Creatures using a shotgun.

A plague on all your houses!Edit

A Plague-Icon

Kill 25 creatures using Wrath of God. (Priest Only)

Eviscerator Edit


Reach level 25 as the Hunter.

High SorceressEdit

High sorceress-Icon

Reach level 25 as the Witch.



Reach Level 25 as the Priest.

Grand ArchitectEdit

Grand architect-Icon

Reach Level 25 as the Engineer.

One-hit wonderEdit

One-hit wonder-Icon

Killed a Creature with a single blow.

Breaker BoysEdit

Breaker boys-Icon

Complete the Mines of Lorwich Campaign in Multiplayer mode.

Dark CompanyEdit

Dark company-Icon

Complete the Cursed Railroad Campaign in Multiplayer mode.

Friends Among the DeadEdit

Friends among dead-Icon

Complete the Tomb Beneath the Graves Campaign in MultiPlayer mode.

No Pain No GainEdit

No pain no gain-Icon

Complete every level on insane difficulty level.

Old OneEdit

Old One-Icon

Pre-Order game OR Complete all 3 campaigns on Hard.


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