Animated Portraits
Animated Paintings
Gender N/A
Hair None
Location(s) Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

The Animated Paintings are a pair of painting positions at either end of the Gallery in Derceto Manor. The two paintings are of a Mountain Man and a Native American. They are brought to life by Pregzt's magic, and will attack anyone who enters the gallery. The mountain man throws axes and his counterpart will shoot arrows.

Background Edit

As with all the paintings in the gallery, these were painted by the late Jeremy Hartwood. They are likely among his earlier works, as they do not deal with the darker subject matter of the rest of the paintings in the gallery.

Involvement Edit

The paintings prevent the protagonist from entering either the Library or the Third Guest Room at the end of the gallery.

Strategy Edit

The attacks of both paintings will home in on the player, and deal 5 points of damage upon hitting, so they must be dealt with swiftly. The mountain man is easy to stop, because while it can not be destroyed, it need only be covered with the Old Indian Cover.

The painting of the Native American must be destroyed with an Arrow, either shot from the Bow, or thrown. Aiming is hard, so be careful, as there are only 3 arrows to use.

Trivia Edit

  • The Indian that is shown in the second picture has a remarkable resemblance to Narackamous, antagonist of Shadow of the Comet and Prisoner of Ice, which is related to Alone in the Dark.
  • The Axes launched by the first picture appears in the game models of the weapons, presumably originally was possible to recover and use it. But in the game there is no way to take it.
  • Should the bow from the top floor of Derceto Manor not be recovered (right after the start), you will still be able to throw arrows at the native american painting by using the appropriate command.


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