Arizona Kid
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Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Yellow
Race Undead
Location(s) Arizona Kid's Room, Saloon
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

Arizona Kid is an undead outlaw that appears as an obstacle and enemy in Alone in the Dark 3.


The Arizona Kid was an outlaw who was murdered in his room in the Slaughter Gulch Saloon by Fast Jarrett. Since then various legends have spun of the dead cowboy.

The drunkards said that Arizona Kid could come by the song of the vulture, to haunt it's spot of death, and that he had a portrait that was supposedly painted with his blood; they even said it's possible to follow him.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3Edit

Edward enters an empty, with a piece of newspaper lying on the ground that tells the story behind the legend of the ghost of Arizona Kid.

When Edward approaches the painting, an undead Arizona Kid jumps out of it and starts shooting around and the vulture on the clock starts singing.

Carnby then feeds the vulture the piece of dried meat, making Kid stop and jump back to his portrait, disappearing, never to be seen again.


Arizona Kid acts initially as an obstacle, impeding the player's progress. However, if he's attacked, his shots start to harm Edward; so he's better off left alone.

Simply feed the vulture with the dried meat, so it will stop singing and Kid will go away through his portrait.

Otherwise, it is impossible to defeat him, as he is invincible.


  • He holds a strong resemblance with Billy the Kid, infamous sharpshooter and bandit, in name and in appearance. Also, he died being shot by Fast Jarrett, obviously based off of Pat Garrett, Billy's killer.
  • After he jumps at his portrait, if you follow him fast enough, you'll be able to see him walking for just a second before he vanishes.


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