Bathroom (2rd Floor)
2nd Floor Bathroom
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

This Bathroom is located in the second story of the Derceto Manor. It is next to the door to the Bedroom found in the Corridor. It features a bathtub, toilet, sink, and cabinet. The bathtub contains a mysterious jellyfish-like entity which will attack if the player gets too close. This creature has been dubbed the Bathtub Monster. A First Aid Case is found when searching the cabinet. On the floor next to the cabinet lies an empty jug. The bathtub, toilet, and sink do not contain any water.


You cannot kill the Bathtub Monster, so the best strategy is simply run. He will stare at you when you enter the room and after a few seconds, he will jump and attack you. Before he does this, simply leave the room and go back. It's best to simply grab the first aid case, leave the room, go back and grab the empty jug. With a good timing, you should clear this room without losing any health.

Adjacent RoomsEdit

Items Edit

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