Bathtub Monster
Hair None
Race Unknown, Speculated.
Location(s) Guest Bathroom
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

The Bathtub Monster is a large, purple, jellyfish-like monster that sits in the bathtub of the Guest Bathroom. It sits on its tentacles and rises up when the protagonist enters the room. It will attack the player after a moment, and telegraphs its attack by opening its mouth, which is full of yellow teeth. It can not be defeated.

Bathtub monster

Strategy Edit

Run into the bathroom and grab the Jug sitting next to the cabinet, then run out. If the First Aid Case aid case inside the cabinet is also desired, reenter and act quickly.

Like many other creatures Derceto, the bathroom monster can not be harmed by any weapon (presumably for his otherworldly nature), as Nightgaunts if hit will bleed but will not stay in any way damaged. Each time the player will enter the bathroom the creature will charge an attack pushing back and then spread towards the prey bite. The pitcher and the medical bag in the room are both on the right of the door, in a small cabinet, and is relatively easy to get into the bathroom to take items without being attacked, given the slowness of the monster's movements, however it is advisable to retrieve them two different attempts to eliminate any possibility of being hurt.

Alone in the Dark I


Alone in the Dark I

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