"Years on Pool"
Billards manual
Type Logbook?

This text was found in the Distillery in the basement of Hell's Kitchen. It provides a clue to getting though the locked door in the Billiards Room.

Incription Edit

*** ***
By the Honourable.
Senator Grandt
As soon as I could, between two

sessions, i would practise my skill with
the two-bands. I managed some splendid
shots... But I was far from attaining my
dream of potting three balls at the same
time... The legendary shot. I leave that to
the expert players of "Mandarin", the
game of Chinese billiards, at which I
have never been more than a bumbler.

I have enough trouble shooting two

consecutive doubles, as I did during a
very long game with Elisha Commstock...

Yet I did see a ruffian by the

name of De Witt, accomplished what i had
thought impossible: the fellow actually
managed two triples before my eyes!
From then on, i practiced feverishly,
even renouncing alcohol or wine which
poisons the spirit's sentries.

7 days later, the powdered rascal

took $300 from me! I was so furious that I later refused to preside over the
defense commission! With my gold in his
pocket, he sneered at me: "Senator, you
would need many lives to beat me!"

I intended to challenge him to

another match, but De Witt disappeared
completely. I was sickened.

So downhearted was I that I gave

up the game for three years, turning
instead to casino gambling... My
experiences in that field are described in
my last book: "The Jackpot I nearly won".


  • The front of the page has a picture of a cocktail drink with a cherry.

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