Black Brotherhood
Location Boston, Massachusetts (Formerly)
Lorwich, Virginia
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination (Indirectly Depicted)
Member(s) Peter ZZ Zilch
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Presumable the symbol used by the Black Brotherhood

The Black Brotherhood is a fraternal organization which seeks to control the world through the use of the occult. The group was known by Ted Carnby.

Although they did not have a direct presence in Alone in the Dark: Illumination, they were presumably responsible for the events in Lorwich. Peter ZZ Zilch was a notable member of the group and founded the group involved in their activities in Lorwich.

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One of the many of the Black Brotherhood's "handywork"

Biography Edit

In times of dire need, the Vatican previously worked together with the Martense Order and the Black Brotherhood.

Prior to Lorwich Edit

At a time before heading to Lorwich, Carnby once busted their organization in Boston and caught eye of a bottle labelled E. Pickford which contained a strand of hair. it is unknown whether they wanted to resurrect him or to use his hair as part of a dark ritual.

The Lorwich Incident Edit

It was believed that the Black Brotherhood posed as workers in the mine in order to unleash the evil residing down there. Unfortunately for them, the same evil they wanted to control seemed to have killed and slaughtered them.


  • They were mentioned in the episode starting narration for ted Carnby in the level after the Coffinmaker.
  • It was believed by Carnby that both Mitch and ZZ were two sides of the evil coin, meaning that they were rivals.

Appearances Edit

Alone in the Dark: Illumination