Alister "Black Hat" Fein
Blackhat 1st
Gender Male
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Black Hat was a sharpshooter crewmember belonging to Captain One Eye jack. He is noticable by his dark suit and black hat.


Born as Alister Fein, he started his criminal career at the age of 8, where he freed his father with the use of a teddy bear stuffed with powder at the front of the Killarney. Nine bodies were found in the devastation. He kept Dickson's black hat, due to being nostalgic, and stitched blades into the rim. When he was exiled to Trinidad, he became an experienced manhunter and firearm expert. One Eyed Jack could not ignore Black -Hat's skills and offered him to be a part of his crew, where he served as the crew's sharp shooter. He was also noticably involved in the execution of the One-armed bandit, who was framed on behalf of treacherous T. Bone, where he used his blade-adorned hat to cut the ropes holding the bandit, sending him to his death in the shark infested sea. Like the other crewmembers, he signed a pact with the witch Elizabeth Jarret.


In the game he is first encountered after climbing the stairs to the 1st floor of Hell's Kitchen. He is armed with duel handguns. He appears again in the storeroom of the Flying Dutchman, armed with the same weapons.

First encounter with Black Hat


The best weapon to use against him is the tommygun.

Black hat defeated



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