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I overcame Voodoo
Type Book
Source One Eyed Jack's Room
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

I Overcame Voodoo was a book whose author was unknown.

Inscription Edit

** An unpublished chapter of
"Manuscript found
in a bottle" **

In the heart of the storm, the

Malay suddenly emerged from the cabin,
waving a chicken leg. The possessed one
would have given his soul for chalk
Captain Pregzt's orders rang out about
the howling of the tempest: "Do as he
says!" A monstrous wave had taken
Jovano, the cabin boy. Another terrifying
wall of water loomed to starboard,
demanding its due

The Malay grabbed the chalk as if

it were a diamond-studded crown. Upon
the deck, he drew a strange pattern.
"Papa Legba," screamed the demented
savage, waving his chicken leg. The
effect was prodigious! The wave stopped
where it was, twixt heaven and Hell.

He then searched inside the

leather pouch that he had hanging round
his neck, and took out a piece of mirror.
He placed it in the centre of the altar
that stood beneath the mizzen mast, and
on which he had drawn a "verve".
Drawing from his red belt the strange
staff which he always carried, the Malay
shook it at the wave and chanted.

The giant wave sank gently into

the ocean. "Voodoo, Voodoo," yelled our
saviour, as Jovano's body struck the
vessel's hull. "I can bring him back!" The
Malay looked over at Pregzt who
answered, "No, the fool could not even


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