Book on Witchcraft
Watchmaker-book pickup
Type book
Author Pregzt
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Book on Witchcraft (called the White Book) was a book that could be found in the Library room of Slaughter Gulch Town Hall. it is located on a shelf that is neaby the door to the Foyer.

It was speculated to have been written by Ezechiel Pregzt, and containing his incantations, and written in invisible ink. Carnby is able to read it by lighting the candle on the library desk and reading the book there. It contains a clue on how to solve a up-coming puzzle.


When the full moon
is reflected through
the symbol of Pregzt,
an honest man's
movements are slowed,
until he breaks the
cursed glass!

He who places the
war-stick of Thunder's
son at the center of the
stone of the dead
will rent the sky and
hold off forever those
who guard the Styx!