Captain Nichol's sword
CapNichols sword
Type Weapon
Source Deck of the Flying Dutchman (formerly), defeating Bubble Blade (2nd time)

The Captain Nichol's sword was a special sword that was essential in defeating One-Eyed Jack.

History Edit

The sword once belonged to Captain Nichol, who was a captain aboard the ship where Elisabeth Jarret was taken prisoner. When the pirates led by Captain Jack attacked and took over, the Captain Nichols declared that his sword would be the one to strike him down, before falling off the plank. The sword has since been stuck implanted blade on the deck of the Flying Dutchman and has not been moved.

In-game Edit

Carnby deck

Compared to the other swords, this oen is more fancier in appearance, as befits a weapon belonging to a captain. It features a purple? and blue colour, and features a hilt.

Dark Maze
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