Card Hatch Tunnel
Card hatch area 1st entrance
Location Hell's Kitchen
Game(s) Alone in the Dark II

Underground Tunnel was an underground tunnel underneath the hedge maze that can be accessed via two trapdoors in designed as playing cards.


When Carnby encounters 4 large Ace cards within the hedgemaze, stepping on the Red Jack of diamonds opens up the tunnel and the character falls in. The room consits of a 'T'-like junction. Where the player ends up at the base of the T.

By pushing the green chest, it would reveal a metallic Jack of diamonds, as well as triggering a mechanism which raises a stone alter on the right side of the 'T' junction. And by inserting the Metallic Jack card, it would unfurl a ladder up to the lone red diamond hatch on the other side of the altar. .

There were two enemies in the tunnel. The first was a weak pirate that could be killed with a blow from either unarmed combat or even a gun. The other one would appear after pushing the green chest, which would trigger the appearance of the pirate, which emerges from the other side of the altar and as well as raising the alter in the area on the right.

Dark Maze
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Adjacent RoomsEdit



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