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    Old main page

    January 12, 2017 by Sclera1

    • Template:Wikiportal/Header
    • Template:Wikiportal/Mainpage Slider
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Intro
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Contents
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Did you know
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Helping out
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Featured article
      • Template:Wikiportal/Featured article
    • Template:Wikiportal/Footer
    • Template:Wikiportal/Section
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/Intro
    • Template:Wikiportal:Main/News
    • Template:Wikiportal:Community_news
    • Template:Wikiportal:Community_news3

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    Draft for Main page

    January 12, 2017 by Sclera1

    |- |} |}

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    It's good for each community to work out and set general guidelines for how they work together. This gives a base-line for expected behavior in that community. There are some common guidelines, such as being polite or not vandalizing articles, that are standard on most sites, but a community may want to add in specific points that fit their project and its contributors.

    Many of the common guidelines are similar to those found in any community, whether it's offline or online, a social club, gaming guild, or sports team. They are often not all meant to be hard and fast rules, but provide guiding principles for community growth and sustainability.

    We strongly encourage communities to create their own specific guidelines and rules that fit their community and topic, but you're welcome to copy the examples below, or link to the Community Central Guidelines as a starting point for your community.

    Jump right in! Don't be afraid to get started. Anyone is free to edit here, so simply click edit …

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