Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Cellar is an underground room that can be accessed via a door that is close to the Forest Room and near the 1st floor stairs.


The cellar is where most beverages are stored at. However, this isn't a normal cellar. There are giant rats and a secret passage there which leads to the underground cave and nasty head-to-head encounter with the Cthonian.


The giant rats are invincible, forget about them, just run. All you need to do in this room is to remove the block, be careful to not get hit by the barrels, stand next to the top of the barrel, otherwise you'll die. Some bullets are found within the giant crate and a book is found by searching the barrel next to the block, after removing it.

Note: If you don't remove the block to free the barrels, you can still complete the game. You will arrive in the Cellar after your escape from the Tunnels near the end of the game, and the barrels will automatically move out of your way.

If you go into the secret passage, a Cthonian will kill you, so don't go there.

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