Charles Fisk
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Human
Location(s) Location
Charles Fiske

Close up of Charles Fiske's face in the introduction

Charles Fiske body

Close up of Charles Fiske's body and autopsy report

Charles Fiske was a character in the New Nightmare. He was an old associate of Carnby's who died in mysterious circumstances.


Once a old friend and partner to Edward Carnby, Charles was found dead in 2001 on Shadow Island, where he was searching for three special tablets. He was a member of MOL, with Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare. During the time in the order, Edward Carnby befriended him and eventually they broke away together. Charles Fiske is the owner of the detective agency where Frederick Johnson finds Edward.


Frederick Johnson notifies Carnby of Fiske's death and convinces Carnby to go to Shadow Island. Carnby is going to Shadow Island to find the real people behind Fiske's death. Eventually Carnby finds out that Fiske worked with Christopher Lamb and Bureau 13.

Gameboy ColorEdit

Charles Fiske plays a larger role in the Gameboy Color version of The New Nightmare. Like in the other version, he was killed by Alan Morton, but his spirit was able to contact Carnby via a Mirror in the Morton Mansion, and later in a special amulet. He helps Carnby in the game.




Although he is only seen in the intro FMV, he bears a strong resemblance to the original design of the original series' Edward Carnby.

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