"Chess and Magik"
Parchment immortality
Type parchment

This text has been divided into two halves: one half is located in the Billiards Room (along with the Crew of the "Flying Dutchman") and the other is found in the corner of Elisabeth Jarret's bedroom, and guarded by a pair of spectral hands.

Incription Edit

Chess and Magik

If the white queen seeks the
throne, the king must empower her.
May the amulet laid in the centre of
the sign open the doorway to space.
That is the key to the royal gambit

Translator's note: This

Gaelic poem might have helped
Crowley to defeat Tartakover, the
man who fed the devil in the box
with gold.


  • This Crowely is not to be confused with the one in the 2008 version of Alone in the Dark (2008).
  • Crowely was the surnamename of a character in one of HP Lovelcraft's stories.

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