Christopher Lamb
Christopher Lamb
Gender Male
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2001)

Christopher Lamb was the shadowy and mysterious director of the paranormal agency, Bureau 713. He has a crippled neck by an assassination attempt when he was younger.


Christopher Lamb was born in 1938, in Kassa, Hungary. His real name is Lörinc Szilasi. Lamb's father, Ferenc Szilasi was one of the founders of a Hungarian fascist group, the Arrow Cross. After his father was executed for war crimes in 1948, his family emigrated to the United States with a new name.

Thanks to a powerful network that included many his father's old friends, Lamb quickly rose through the ranks of a number of para-governmental agencies spe­cializing in the fight against communism. Lamb was left with limited mobility in his neck after a left-wing terrorist attack. In 1971, he became director of the highly secret Bureau 713. The Bureau was involved in a number of questionable opera­tions "Black Ops" missions on American soil and in a number of "friendly" countries. Surrounding himself with a personal guard of ultra-nationalist militants, Lamb became a veritable state within a state. He was untouchable. The congressmen who called for the closure of Bureau 713 gave up their efforts after threats were made on them and their families.


He ordered his underling, Frederick Johnson, to find a way to get both Aline Cedrac and Edward Carnby to Shadow Island. He met Obed Morton and promised him unlimited funding because Obed Morton boosted that he could access Shadow Island’s secrets. Christopher Lamb then wouldn’t leave him alone and pressured him to return to Shadow Island to conduct experiments for him. He also provided human experiments to Alan Morton and Obed Morton for their research. Charles Fiske also used to work for him.



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