Li "Cobra" Tung
Captura de tela 2014-07-14 às 14.09.15
Gender Male
Hair Bald (formerly brown)
Eyes Yellow
Status Decesed
Race Undead
Location(s) Jed's ritual site
Relations Jed Stone (leader)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

Cobra is one of Jed Stone's henchmen, making an appearance in Alone in the Dark 3 as a minor antagonist.


Li "Cobra" Tung is a former San-Yap henchman. He escaped from prison twice by putting a 30/30 bullet in the lock of his cell and striking it with a handslice.

He was wanted dead before the events of Alone in the Dark III, but considering his bounty was only $300, his crimes may not be considered too heinous; the only reason for him to be killed is most likely because of his danger to society, even inside prison.

Alone in the Dark 3Edit

He is the second boss of the game. He guards Emily Hartwood and tries to impede Carnby's progress to Jed's ritual site. Upon defeat he drops his wig and a dollar coin.


Being a trained martial art fighter, he combats Carnby unarmed. He's very agile and dangerous, making it really difficult to fight him unarmed, as his strikes are faster and harder.

It's best to use the Winchester, shoot him and stay back, so he can't reach you with his jabs and kicks.


  • "Cobra" is the translation to "Snake" in Portuguese.
  • His fighting style is Karate, and he is nicknamed after an animal, but Karate does not mimic animal movements, Kung-Fu does. However, his nickname can mean "slippery and deadly", as he was capable of escaping from prison with his skills.


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