In the Alone In the Dark Series, Combat is a big part of the game. The original trilogy pioneered Survival Horror Combat and in several ways the combat system is superior to those of later Survival Horror titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill through its use of multiple attacks in Hand-To-Hand Combat rather than one set attack and the ability to throw items at enemies. In Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, the combat system goes backwards and is more akin Traditional Survival Horror where the character is absolutely helpless in close range. The Hand to Hand Combat was even taken out. In Alone in the Dark: Inferno , the combat system gets overhauled to resemble beat-em-ups.

Alone In the Dark:Edit

  • Hooks (Hold Left or Right arrows while holding spacebar)
  • Kicks (Hold Up or Down arrows while holding spacebar)

Alone In the Dark 2Edit

Jab (Hold Left Arrow while holding Spacebar)

Straight(Hold Right Arrow While Holding Spacebar)

Kick(Hold Down Arrow While Holding Spacebar)

Headbut(Hold Up Arrow While Holding Spacebar).

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