Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Human
Location(s) New York City
Dark Maze
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Crowley is the main antagonist of 2008's Alone in the Dark. He is a Luciferian as well as an influential and ruthless occultist obsessed with obtaining the Philosopher's Stone and experiencing the subsequent Path of Light. His full background is unknown, although his proper name may be Mr. Bungle, although this may be just another alias.



PS2/Wii version Edit

In the PS2 and Wii versions Crowley is called Mr. Bungle, and his role was more minor, although it is hinted that works for or is the leader of a sect known as the New Alchemists. After surviving the collapse of the elevator in the New York hotel, he made contact with other assassins to reach the Belvedere Castle in Central Park and follows Edward and Peter Eddington (student and friend of Theophile Paddington) by car. The two, however, manage to lose them and to get to Belvedere Castle, where begins the Path of Light. Peter, however, prefer to wait outside where it is joined by the New Alchemists and presumably killed. It is unknown what was the fate of Crowley / Mr. Bungle.

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