The dagger is a weapon of sacrifice appeared in Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the DarkEdit

Dagger of sacrifice

The dagger of sacrifice is a special weapon that you will find the secret room of the library Derceto , accessible due to false book . It is described in the document, The Sacrificial Dagger by Otto Stern, that the blade is made from "ritual Steel". The knife, in fact, stands out from others in the secret room for his serrated blade sinusoidal and the fact that it was hardened seven times in the full moon nights in centi-distilled water. This is necessary to make the weapon suitable to drive out the creature that haunts the library, the Vagabond. A single strike of the dagger (both in the body to the body with both a launch) immediately resend the spectrum back to its own dimension, against any other enemy weapon has the same characteristics as any knife recovered in Derceto Manor.


  • Because you do not need to defeat the Rogue the recovery of the dagger of sacrifice is optional.

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