Dark Liquid
Dark Liquid
Gender N/A
Status N/A
Race Demonic
Location(s) Varies

Dark Liquid is an enemy encountered in the 2008 Video Game, "Alone in the Dark"


Dark Liquid is an oil-like substance that inhabits dark areas, most frequently tunnels and underground passages. Though seemingly harmless, it is an extremely dangerous creature that can easily swallow humans whole, despite being only a few inches thick. Exactly how this works is unknown, but it is likely that humans are quickly dissolved by its demonic power.


Dark Liquid is found in dark places throughout the game, creating an obstacle that must be passed to continue.


Dark Liquid is the only enemy in the game that cannot be killed, as weapons are useless against it. Instead, the player must safely pass through areas the liquid inhabits. Like all demonic creatures, Dark Liquid is vulnerable to fire, though this will only repel it, not kill it.

The liquid's greatest weakness is against any form of light, which causes it to retreat. The flashlight, lighter, glowstick, or any item set ablaze are effective ways to repel the creature. Glowsticks are particularly effective, as they remain in place and several can be thrown one after another, to create a path that does not require the player to use a flashlight or any other source of light to proceed.

The player must be extremely careful when using the flashlight to walk through the liquid, as it will very frequently sneak up behind the player and kill them. This can be avoided by equipping both the flashlight and lighter, and having both on at the same time.




  • Dark Liquid growls in the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game, but is silent in the Playstation 2 version.
  • "Dark Liquid" is a user created term from this monster, as it is never named in game, or in official sources.

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