Frederick De Witt
Gender Male

Frederick De Witt was a member of Captain One Eyed Jack's crew aboard the Flying Dutchman and the crew's official pharmacist and spy.


Frederick De Witt was born by a chambermaid and was the son of a baron. He received a strict education until the death of his tutor, from where he was free to study alchemy. Discovery his talent in gambling, he began a career as a piquet player and even managed to bring Redmond Barry to ruin.

In 1715, after spending a relationship with the Countess of O, he was condemned to serve in the navy before he later managed to desert his ship and escape to Barbados. From here, he earned a reputation as an unbeatable gambler before he was approached by One Eyed Jack with a challenge. Their game soon resulted in an alliance as the pair would proceed to massacre the residence of Terra Nova.

As a crewmember of the Jolly Roger, he became the crew's official chemist and informant. During a time, he had a relationship with princess Isabelita Negroni, who called him "the brightest star of my nights".


Carnby encounters him in the Pool Room, playing a game of pool by himself. Upon seeing Carnby, he places a Derringer on the other side of the pool table as an invitation to a duel. Upon picking up the pistol, Carnby accepts this duel and De Witt walks around the table to start duelling. However, he will cheat by shooting first without saying draw. The Derringer only has a few rounds. Upon his death, he will drop his sword stick for Carnby to loot.

De witt1


Dewitt pirate2

De Witt is reincarnated along with the rest of his crew, and Carnby fights him Powder Room of the Flying Dutchman. Unlike his previous battle, De Witt is now armed with a pirate sword. During the ensuing duel, De Witt is killed and dissolves into a skeleton before collapsing. Carnby will comment on the duel being "Pretty tough".


Wearing the bullet proof vest is extremely handy, when he is first encountered in Hell's Kitchen, particularly when De Witt gets the opportunity to shoot first.

On the Flying Dutchman, he wields a pirate sword and is one of the only enemies that are able to block some of Carnby's attacks. It is also important that Carnby must not fire any guns in the powder room, or else the ship will explode, killing Carnby instantly.


In the Pool Room, he has a pallid skin complexion along with combed brown hair and a brown gentleman's moustache. He wears a grey waistcoat with a white undershirt, as well as a pair of black dress pants and white dress shoes.

When reincarnated, his appearance changes drastically. He sports a powdered wig with a black bow and wears a purple dandy's dress coat with golden shoulderpads. He has a pair of black dress pants along with white stockings and black buckled shoes.


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