Demonia Particularis
Type Book
Source Drawing Room (Derceto)
Author Heinrich Cassel
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Demonia Particularis was a book that was found on the body of the undead pirate enemy in Derceto.

Inscription Edit

Demonia Particularis
Signs and Rituals
BY Heinrich Cassel
RING Publications

The ritual of Invocation demands that
the Officiant be pure. We have already
described the complex operations to be
followed in order to call those that sleep
in superior dimensions.
We shall for the present limit ourselves
to the sign of mutual recognition used
amongst their number by adepts of the
cult of the Old Ones. The sign also
serves as protection when in the
presence of a servant of evil.

The sign resembles a blessing, save that
the first and little fingers are both
folded beneath the thumb, whilst the
second and third fingers are held up. It
would appear that this sign has no effect
on adepts of a certain rank with
knowledge of particular secrets
contained in the Corpus Demonicus.
The use of such signs is not without
considerable risk to the user during any
attempt to call upon Those from

Dark Maze
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