Status Extant
Race Shapes
Location(s) Lorwich
Relations Old Ones (Creators)
Cthulhu (Master)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Demons (also known as Nightgaunts) were creatures that act as servants to the darkness. The ones encountered in the game are wingless. They are characterized by an arched spine, bat-like teeth and a muscular upper torso. Although they are slow moving, they are able to extend their arms to perform a swipe attack.

The demons also attack by spitting projectiles that creates a pool of acid that damages players standing in it.

The best strategy to dealing with demons is defeat them while keeping a fair distance from the creatures. Creatures that can attack by spitting acid at the enemy. Their jet creates a greenish puddle and poisonous that no harm to those who walk over. In the short-range attack by scratching.

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