Dogs of Darkness
Gender N/A
Hair None
Race Creatures of Darkness
Dogs (formerly)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Dogs of darkness

Dogs of Darkness profile in The New Nightmare Prima strategy guide

The Dogs of Darkness were former dogs owned by Howard Morton that have been attacked by creatures and have spawn from their former corpses. Alan Morton began conducting experiments on them, making them foaming carcasses. Although they are extremely fast and aggressive, they are just as weak as their normal counterparts.

There is a stronger equivalent known as the Hounds of Tindalos.


These foaming carcasses of dogs, once Rottweiler strains faithful to Howard Morton, have sharp teeth and a vicious temperament. After Alan Morton discovered the shadows, he began conducting insane experiments on these canines, taking them from his father’s breeding kennel and warping these once-faithful dogs into decomposing, savage beasts.

Alan Morton’s experiments spawned emaciated and crazed canines that retain the fragility of their earthly origin (meaning they are much more susceptible to normal gunfire than some of the other monstrosities on the island). Dogs of Darkness still retain their guard-dog instinct and they’re extremely fast and aggressive creatures, but they’re no match for simple Magnesium Bullets. Finally, they fear the shadows even more than those brave enough to venture into their habitat, for even more voracious and hideous creatures prey upon them.


A number of these dogs would appeared on the outside of the mansion soon after an opening the gates in the gardens. The scene goes where a dog is barking at something in the bushes that rapidly attacks and kills the dog. When Edward tries to find a way into the manor, several of these dogs attacked him.


Dogs of Darkness animation

Wait for them to get close enough, auto aim and fire 2-3 shots slowly, you can conserve ammo by wounding the dog badly and it will whimper and die eventually (inhumane) but if you wanna survive, they will not attack once limping. Another way is to just run and keep running till you reach the end of the gate near the sewers (they can't catch up to your speed unless flanked and cornered, however once you are pulled down, and lure too many, it will be hell.



  • These Creatures are not encountered in Aline's storyline.
  • These creatures are a clear resemblance to the Cerberus, monsters of the Resident Evil series .

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