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Elizabeth Dexter
Elizabeth Dexter
Gender Female
Race Witch
Location(s) Alone in the Dark II (Film)

Elizabeth Dexter (or known simply as the Witch) was an evil century-old witch who serves as the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark II film. She is an enemy of the witch hunter, Abner Lundberg. She was portrayed by Allison Lange.


She has lived for centuries. She is after a special dagger that contains a piece of the witch's heart inside it.

Even though her physical body was sealed inside a tree, she is able to manifest herself as a spiritless form. She was able to use a spiritual form and is formidable, which makes her impervious to firearms.



  • Elizabeth could have been based on several elements within the different games. She appears to be based on the evil sorceress, Elizabeth Jarret, who appears in the the second game. Both of them have the same first name.
  • Her true body being stuck inside a tree could be referenced on Ezechiel Pregzt.


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