Duke and John Elwood
Elwood bros-poster
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Yellow
Status Deceased
Race Undead
Location(s) Slaughter Gulch
Relations Jed Stone (leader)
Lone Miner
Sheriff Dawson
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

The Elwood Brothers are the personal henchmen for Jed Stone in Slaughter Gulch. They serve as the barriers and main antagonists in Alone in the Dark 3, stalking and blocking Carnby's way throughout the game.


The Elwood Brothers were a criminal duo in Slaughter Gulch that worked for Jed Stone, probably, since the very foundation of the town, and were quite infamous.The bounty on their wanted poster is $2000, making their bounty higher than Cobra's and Lone Miner's. The explanation behind the high bounty is due to the fact they are really dangerous and tough to stop, as stated in the poster that says that "no bullet has ever stopped them".

Duke wears a light-brown hat, black shirt, green jacket and leather chaps; John wears a brown hat, blue shirt, leather jacket and blue jeans with no chaps.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3Edit

John Elwood is initially seen in the very beginning, watching the bridge blow up and throw Carnby up in the air. They appear all around town watching Carnby and blocking his path.

When Jed Stone arranges a deal at the water tower for a special case in return for Emily Hartwood, Jed summons them to kill Carnby once the deal was done. However, as Carnby has the Indian medallion in his possession, he is given the chance to resurrect himself.


They appear when Carnby tries to leave a certain area that is considered out of bounds. They also try to enter the jail to kill Carnby but are averted by being blocked by a cupboard against the doors, and, if Carnby falls from the jail roof, they will get near Carnby and kill him. The Elwood Brothers can be shot, but won't die, instead, the other brother spawn beside him and shoot Carnby; if the player gets too close to one of them, Carnby will freeze and be exeuted by the brothers, meaning that you have to avoid them at all costs.

They can only be defeated in the final stage of the game, with two possible ways:

  • Using an evil wand with a mineral tip in the eagle totem, which will immediately kill both of them;
  • Killing Jed Stone by electrocuting the water and hiding by the eagle totem. However, it may be proven dangerous, as the player will have to wait for Jed to step in the water, and the Elwood Brothers constantly keep shooting Carnby.


  • The Elwood Brothers were created to prevent players accessing areas they were not suposed to go. They are mostly seen on the streets, proving they were put as barriers, not only as villains.
  • Considering their picture and what is stated in the wanted poster, it is likely that they were undead before Slaughter Gulch's decay.

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