Emily's Diary
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Type book
Author Emily Hartwood
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

This text is from Alone in the Dark III.


June 21/

Hollywood stars are such brats!
Today I learned that Billy Silver
demanded to be paid by Hill century
in gold ingots!

June 24/

The San Andreas fault slipped
producing an earthquake towards the
end of the evening, as Brett Samuels
was dismantling the projector near
the ravine! May God have pity on
his soul! In all my life, I have
never heard such a scream!

June 24/

Jeff Davis and another stunt man
went down to the bottom of the
ravine but they couldn't find
Samuels' body.
Billy Silver refused to come out
all day. He stayed in the bank,
convinced that the ghosts of
the Slaughter Gulch prospectors
are after his ingots!

June 29

Something horrible is
going on in this town!
Maybe Billy Silver was right.
His death this morning in front
of the saloon was no accident:
we all saw that "thing" jump off the
balcony and stick its fingers in his.

July 23 /

I am now alone in this
town, with Morrison the gunsmith,
who's hiding God knows where!
The others are all dead!
I don't have any hope...


  • The initials E. H. are printed on the notebook.