Engineer Hutchinsen's notebook
Author Hutchinson
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

Engineer Hutchinsen's notebook was an exercise book.

Inscription Edit

May 4th 1865 9:30 p.m.
All contact with the mountain ore
causes irreversible mutations
Mr Stone seems to be immune to the
radiations, but all others must
pour lead on the mineral
before working with it!
June 7th 1865 2 a.m.
The water in the caves appears
normal, but is in fact heavy water:
the hydrogen in the molecules is
replaced by its isotope, deuterium.
Combined with the ore, this
water could trigger the apocalypse!
But I need more gold!
June 21st 1865 Midnight.
The Aztecs believed that he who
could tip the world into the sea
that lies beyond the great scar
would rule the Earth!
If that's true, then I'll
soon be sitting beside Mr. Stone!

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