Evolved Humanz

Evolved Humanz were more grotesque versions of the normal Humanz. The Humanz are evolved creatures appeared on Alone in the Dark: Inferno infesting Central Park.

Dark Maze
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Features Edit

This type of Humanz is a direct evolution of humans and then devoured by risputati cracks of Lucifer . Unlike their weaker counterparts are much more tough and characterized by three enormous scars on the body, a sign of their corruption, two front and one on the back. Although they are not being very nimble able to take on the enemy to invest with their size, but prefer to stay at a distance and attack through the launch of their claws as if they were bullets, once completed, they can be made ​​to grow back very quickly. Some of these monsters protect the Roots of Evil joined by several Humanz. Are the simple most powerful enemies of the game.

strategy Edit

Alone2015020113004097.jpg Deal with these monsters is difficult because of their great resistance and being almost always supported by other Humanz. E 'you need to get rid of them before they confront the Humanz evolved. His ranged attack is extremely fast and dangerous, to avoid it is useful to try to stay hidden until he has finished casting his claws rather than trying to avoid them in the open field. Facing it clinches the monster will respond with extremely debilitating strokes, able to wipe out the player. Through the use of Spectral Vision you can clearly identify the scars of these creatures and try to shoot against the inflamed bullets . The biggest hurdle against this type of Humanz is represented by the scar on his back, as these will always be facing the player. It may be useful to try to sbalzarlo on the ground with a blast or melee attacks and try to burn it before it rises or search the escape and attack him behind as soon as they desist from pursuit.

Version PS2 / Wii Edit

This version of Humanz resembles aesthetically to the counterparty on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. But his arms are replaced with two pointy and sharp bones that uses to attack; It does not have the launch of the claws but is able to generate cracks hitting the ground which at the moment the block allowing it to approach and attack prey. The Humanz evolved is also able to grab the enemy and throw him away if he does not react promptly freed from the outlet. While not necessary to burn it in order to have reason, the fire inflicts enormous damage to this monster.

trivia Edit

-A Unlike normal Humanz does not seem that this their evolution is able to communicate. It is not clear so if Lucifer could use them as a means to interact with humans.

-L'enorme Resistance of these beings allows you to be immune to investment attempts by automobiles. The medium fact sbalzerà against them as if they were the walls, making them barely flinch.

-In The PS2 and Wii versions of this creature, instead of disappearing, it will be absorbed by a crack and disappear underground, hinting that has not been overcome but only forced to flee.

Gallery Edit

Humanz Evolved

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