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Ezechiel Pregzt
Pregzt true form
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Undead
Location(s) Pregzt's Tomb underneath Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2 (mentioned)
Alone in the Dark 3 (mentioned)
Alone in the Dark: Illumination (mentioned)

Ezechiel Pregzt is the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark. The player fights him twice, once in the Drawing Room as a Ghoul, and again in Pregzt's Tomb as a spirit trapped in a tree.

Pregzt is also mentioned in Alone in the Dark 2, 3, and Illumination.


Ezechiel Pregzt anchored his ship Astarte near New Orleans, Louisiana. He made a hideout in the swamp there, but ultimately was hanged in 1620 by Welsh Naval conscripts. Several years later, he was reborn as Elijah Pickford. With his new identity, he built Derceto Manor and lived there until the mansion was burned down at the end of the American Civil War. Pregzt had attempted to possess the body of Union Captain J.W. Norton, who in response shot Pregzt. However, Pregzt's spirit would reside underneath the Derceto, waiting to be reborn again by possessing a living, human host and unleash darkness upon the world. He could enslave any living and undead being within the confines of Derceto. But was only able to possess living bodies. Jeremy Hartwood, the last resident of Derceto, committed suicide to prevent the pirate from doing so.

Pregzt is also mentioned in the literature of Alone in the Dark II as the lover of the sorceress Elizabeth Jarret. Jarret and Pregzt had a child, Jedediah Stone, who became the primary antagonist of Alone in the Dark 3.


Pregzt acts as both Midboss and Final Boss of the first game. Pregzt also controls all of the monsters in the game and sends them after the player.



Ghoul Form Edit

The first form Pregzt appears in is a Pirate Ghoul. Only the Cavalry Sabre or the Knight's Sword are able to damage him. He is able to block bullets, arrows and thrown weapons, and punching/kicking does no damage. The best tactic is to corner him and attack with alternating stabs. Doing this prevents him from attacking.

Each of his attacks do 6 damage. Upon death, he drops the key to the ballroom.

Final Form Edit

The final boss of the game is Pregzt's soul bound to a tree, where it sits stationary in a pool where Deep Ones spawn. The tree shoots fireballs at the player. He can only be defeated by placing the Talisman on the cover stone of Pregzt's sarcophagus, making him vulnerable, then throwing the (lit) Oil Lamp at him. A cut scene will begin and all other enemies will vanish.

Because Deep Ones can not be killed, and the fireballs do not home, the best tactic is to rush to the tree and quickly finish him off.


  • Pregzt's tree form is based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, "The Tree", about a malicious looking tree.


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