Ezechiel Pregzt
Pregzt true form
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Undead
Location(s) Pregzt's Tomb underneath Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark 2 (mentioned)
Alone in the Dark 3 (mentioned)
Alone in the Dark: Illumination (mentioned)

Ezechiel Pregzt is the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark. The player fights him twice, once in the Drawing Room as a Ghoul, and again in Pregzt's Tomb as a spirit trapped in a tree.

Pregzt is also mentioned in Alone in the Dark 2, 3, and Illumination.


Ezechiel Pregtz presumably born at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. It becomes a pirate known as Ezek the bloodthirsty, captain of the ship Astarte famous for being particularly sadistic and efferrato, sowing terror seas traveling throughout the world, is likely during these trips that he became interested in the occult and magic Black. In recent years he has a relationship with the voodoo witch Elizabeth Jarret with whom he had a son Jedediah "Jed" Stone . In 1620 is processed by a Welsh court but escapes hanging and heads to Florida where he gets to practice black magic rituals, human sacrifice and voodoo inland, after which the boardings dell'Astarte were even more profitable . Years later Pregtz is again on trial this time by a court of a gang of pirates who accused him of not "pay its share to the brothers." The hanging took place, but thanks to developed occult powers, Pregtz rises and heads back to Florida with his crew, looking for a complex of underground caves where to continue his blasphemous rituals. Leave the ship at New Olreans went further into the swamps accompanied by several men and carrying of heavy trunks. Two days later they heard screams and gunshots from the swamps, Pregtz returned to the ship accompanied by a black man he introduced himself as Keith , claiming that others were eaten by alligators. Then he divided his loot and left the Astarte to his companion Elishah Smith said Elie Hell and then abandon the life of a pirate. In the following years he took to worship the stones and the cult of Cthulhu , dramatically increasing his powers, in the complex of caves found. In 1818, he assumed the name of Eliah Pickford, bought the lands of a certain Ledoux to build a huge house whose basement was connected to the maze of underground passages where he practiced black magic, filled the house with blasphemous manuscripts on the occult rituals and he called Derceto in honor to his ship. On 17 June 1862 Union soldiers in Louisiana stood at the plantation Pickford, who invited Captain JW Norton and his lieutenant Patterson to dinner in an effort to use them in its rituals. Norton, realized the danger, managed to fire three shots on Pickford in the clash and the soldiers set fire to the whole plantation; the Pickford slaves, however, managed to extract the body of their master from the house in flames which infused his soul in a tree in the basement of Derceto. In 1875 the villa was bought and restored by Howard Hartwood which is highly passionate about the history of Pickford, coming to realize his past as a pirate. Pregtz, at that point, needed a new body in which to incarnate and tried to take what Howard manifesting itself in nightmares and trying to draw him to himself. At the entrance of the caves, however, Hartwood will cut off his tongue with a bite to die suffocated by his own blood. Derceto then passed to his son Jeremy who, in 1924, began to suffer from the same grotesque father of nightmares seeing Pregtz in the guise of a "black man". The occultist freed his slaves undead and infernal creatures summoned from other dimensions in order to bring Jeremy himself, but these included the danger coming and hanged himself in the attic villa in August of that year, again preventing the pirate possession of a body.

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Ezechiel Pregzt anchored his ship Astarte near New Orleans, Louisiana. He made a hideout in the swamp there, but ultimately was hanged in 1620 by Welsh Naval conscripts. Several years later, he was reborn as Elijah Pickford. With his new identity, he built Derceto Manor and lived there until the mansion was burned down at the end of the American Civil War. Pregzt had attempted to possess the body of Union Captain J.W. Norton, who in response shot Pregzt. However, Pregzt's spirit would reside underneath the Derceto, waiting to be reborn again by possessing a living, human host and unleash darkness upon the world. He could enslave any living and undead being within the confines of Derceto. But was only able to possess living bodies. Jeremy Hartwood, the last resident of Derceto, committed suicide to prevent the pirate from doing so.

Pregzt is also mentioned in the literature of Alone in the Dark II as the lover of the sorceress Elizabeth Jarret. Jarret and Pregzt had a child, Jedediah Stone, who became the primary antagonist of Alone in the Dark 3.


Pregzt acts as both Midboss and Final Boss of the first game. Pregzt also controls all of the monsters in the game and sends them after the player.



Ghoul Form Edit

The first form Pregzt appears in is a Pirate Ghoul. Only the Cavalry Sabre or the Knight's Sword are able to damage him. He is able to block bullets, arrows and thrown weapons, and punching/kicking does no damage. The best tactic is to corner him and attack with alternating stabs. Doing this prevents him from attacking.

Each of his attacks do 6 damage. Upon death, he drops the key to the ballroom.

Final Form Edit

The final boss of the game is Pregzt's soul bound to a tree, where it sits stationary in a pool where Deep Ones spawn. The tree shoots fireballs at the player. He can only be defeated by placing the Talisman on the cover stone of Pregzt's sarcophagus, making him vulnerable, then throwing the (lit) Oil Lamp at him. A cut scene will begin and all other enemies will vanish.

Because Deep Ones can not be killed, and the fireballs do not home, the best tactic is to rush to the tree and quickly finish him off.


  • Pregzt's tree form is based on the H.P. Lovecraft story, "The Tree", about a malicious looking tree.
  • A testimony of nightmares caused by Pregzt Jeremy Hartwood is present a picture that depicts the cavern with its shaft in the Derceto gallery and one that retracts the occultist in its form of "black man".
  • It 's it has been suggested that Pregtz, as worshiper of Cthulhu and seaman, was in the city of R'lyeh .
  • Many of the details of life are not clear Pregtz including during the processes in which it is judged, what sentence was issued and how it has escaped. On many items it can only be made based on the assumptions of play documents.
  • The identity of the mysterious "man in black" (which looks like Keith Pregtz) reported in the document The trial of the captain Pregzt is a mystery. It 'been suggested that it may be an emanation of Nyarlathotep , as it is described in a similar way in the story of Lovecraft The Dreams in the Witch House .


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