Gallery (2nd Floor)
2nd Floor Gallery 7
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Gallery is a room that can be found at the end of the Corridor (2nd Floor), consisting of a long hall of paintings. Two of the paintings have been possessed and are hostile to the player. In the middle of the gallery, the double doors to the Library are found. At the other end of the hallway, and located right of the end of the hall is yet another bedroom.

These paintings were made by Jeremy Hartwood during his last days. This clearly shows that he became a haunted mad man, as stated by his butler. These paintings depict: Derceto in a full moon night, a summoner, a ritual, a pioneer, Pregzt's Tomb, an indian and a skull in the void.


This room has two notable dangers: Two paintings. The first painting will throw axes at the main character if standing in front of the painting, unless the painting itself is covered by the Old Indian Cover. The second painting on the other side is of an Indian who shoots arrows. The only way to get through the hall is to use the Bow and Arrows to defeat the painting.

Note: You actually don't need the bow to shoot the arrows here. Simply throwing a lone arrow at the second painting should do the trick.

Adjacent RoomsEdit