Slave Zombie

Gender Probably male
Hair None
Eyes Yellow
Race Undead
Location(s) Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark
You may be referring to the creature with the same name, in Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

Ghouls, also known as Zombies, are the main enemies in Alone in the Dark (1992). They are most likely the former servants of Jeremy Hartwood, that have now been enslaved by Pregzt.


Ghouls have an appetite for human flesh, a fact made useful in the Dining Hall. There are three variants of ghouls, which can by determined by their outfit:

  • Red Ghouls are the common type. They are killed by seven punches.
  • Yellow Ghouls are stronger, taking ten hits to kill, but only one is ever encountered on the third floor of Derceto Manor.
  • The third type is the Pirate Ghoul, the reanimated corpse of Ezechiel Pregzt. The Pirate Ghoul is encountered in the Drawing Room as a Midboss.

Events of Alone in the DarkEdit

Ghouls are the most common enemy the player encounters in Alone in the Dark. They appear throughout the game as part of scripted sequences and attack the player.

The pirate Ghoul acts as a midboss, and awaits the player in the drawing room. It can only be defeated by wielding a sword; either the Cavalry Sabre or Knight's Sword.


Ghouls have a longer reach in comparison to other enemies. They can safely hit the player without getting punched back. It is best to employ kicks against the Ghouls as the player's kicking range is longer than a Ghoul's punch.

One effective combo against Ghouls is to kick, then quickly run at them while they are recovering and start punching. As soon as the Ghoul recovers, kick again.


  • Though they are referred to as zombies in game, they exhibit traits more associated with Ghouls. Their skin is pale, and they sit when the Pot of Soup is served. If they were zombies, they would ignore the food and attack the player.
    • The term Zombie did not come into western language until the late 1920s, after the game takes place. Because of the references to Voodoo in-game, they may be traditional Haitian 'Zombis', which are slaves to powerful magicians[1].
  • Ghouls exist in H.P. Lovecraft's works. They are subterranean creatures that can navigate between the real world and the dream world. They live in cemeteries and eat the flesh of the dead, despite the fact that they themselves are formerly living humans. Unlike Ghouls in AitD, Lovecraft's ghouls have more canine features.

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