The Gold Sarcophagus was a coffin-like structure that was presumably Abkani in origin.

It was found somewhere deep in the ocean and contain one of the pieces of Abkani artefacts and a mysterious creature. Lionel Hudgens hired Chernick and his boat in order to ontain it. However, when it was brought aboard, the greedy captain beleived that it cotnained treasure like on the outside and betrayed the professor. Despite the professor's advice against opening it before being confinded, the captain and the crew were slaughtered by a creatured that they liberated from the coffin. The professor was the only one unscathed due to being locked in a cabin. When the professor managed to escape, he found the bodies of everyone on the ship. the creature that caused the slaughter had disappeared but the professor was able to obtain the Akhani artefact from the coffin.

Appearances Edit

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