Graveyard (Town Hall)
Cenetary SG
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Slaughter Gulch Graveyard is a cemetery that was adjacent to the Town's Hall. The most notable features are the stone pedestal in the centre of the area, a gravestone with the initials "O.E.J", which stands for: One eyed Jack and an indian ritual cave.

The first time you visit the graveyard, the gates will be locked, so you can't go back to the bar. After a few seconds, two ghost grave diggers will rise from their graves and chase you down.


The grave diggers are invincible, so the only way to defeat them is to place the war stick on the pedestal. After placing the stick, a thunder strikes to the O.E.J. gravestone, indicating where you should go.

You can ignore them and head towards the gravestone, place a metallic ace of spades card and use it as a lift. Even if you didn't place the war stick, they won't appear anymore.