Ground Foyer
Hell's kitchem ground foyer 1
Location Hell's Kitchen
Game(s) Alone in the Dark II

The Ground Foyer of Hell's Kitchen is a room located on the ground floor of Hell's Kitchen.


This room is the Hell's kitchen main hall. One of the The Cookies are seen hanging arround. There's also a statue holding a trident, which is launched towards you if you step on the dark tiles on the floor.


Have santa claus suit on. Then immediately keep running as soon you enter the room. Lure the trident to kill the small man (one of The Cookies). If you fail to do so, the trident will insta-kill you. Fortunately, it's pretty slow if you're running. An effective strategy is as soon you enter the room, go upstairs and get back down. The trident easily hits one of the cookies.


  • The trident's flying height is taller than the Cookie, still, it manages to hit him.

Adjacent RoomsEdit

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