Hanging Chamber
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Location Jail Rooftop
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Hanging Chamber is the inner chamber on the roof of the Slaughter Gulch jail that was used for hanging people in deathrow. The room itself is in the shap of a rectangle, where adjacent to the room's entrance is the trapdoor for the said hanging. Beyond the location of the trapdoor is a stick of dynamite and a piece of dried meat.

The room is initially dark when Carnby enters the room. When he has stepped far into the room. There is a lever which opens and closes the trap door that is involved in the hanging. When Carnby reaches for the lever, the only door to the room will shut with the room's occupant, the executioner would magically try to hang Carnby. Carnby can counteract this by using the Voodoo Hangman's rope, which drops the Hangman and dummy representing Carnby below the platform.

Dark Maze
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Adjacent RoomEdit


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