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Hook w Rope
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Hooks were mutliple items that could be found in Alone in the Dark 2. The majority are yellow hooks, like on priates, and one whifh is designed as a grappling hook.

Description Edit

was a type of appendage that was located on the Hedgemaze grounds in front of the Card area. It appeared in Alone in the Dark 2. It can be combined with the Rope in order to pull the arm of a statue and to reveal a secret entrance into Hell's Kitchen.

A second golden hook can be found by Grace next to the Gazeebo. which after revealing a statue in the backyard, uses the hook to open an underground entrance and was captured by a pirate.

After defeating Music Man for the final time, he relinquishes another golden hook which Carnby uses to get to one of the mast platforms that Bubble Blade (who has Captain Nichol's sword) is on.

Hook grapple
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