Howard Morton
Howard Morton transformed
Gender Male
Race Human
Carnby pair
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Howard Morton was the husband of Lucy Morton and was the father of Obed Morton and Alan Morton. He was also the son of Jeremy Morton.


Howard experimentat-subject

Howard being experimented on by Alan

Howard Morton caged

Howard kept in a huge tube underneath the centre of the Library

Hybrid Elder art
Photographic proof of one of Shadow Island’s more repulsive legends was never available until now. According to local folklore, a venerable member of the Morton family, driven insane by the entities he and his brethren experimented on and unleashed into the world, was subdued and caged by his own family, then drugged and moved to a secret location somewhere below the island’s ancient Fort. When the narcotics began to wear off, he was fed scraps of raw meat, allowed to wallow in his own private Hell of festering wounds, then appears to have been experimented on by his own offspring!

The Morton family’s dabbling in the shadows of their own gene pool created a veritable demon—a possessed former- human that exhibits immense strength and continuous violent delirium. Now this human shell hosts a being of pure evil. The last remnant of sanity remaining in this Morton’s brain is the desire for revenge. Proving too violent to keep locked away, this hideous creation was restrained, doped, placed in a 10-foot high vat of formaldehyde, and sentenced to eternal sleep in a secret compartment hidden in the mansion. Woe to anyone foolish enough to wake this particularly degenerative strain of Morton….


Alan encased his father in a statis pod under the floor of the library. He was unintentianally freed by Aline Cedric after obtaining the medallion half. Aline put him down on the spot and proceeded back to Lucy Morton for information about the medallion half. Howard quickly revived and continued stalking Aline and was heard roaring as she was leaving the Manor. He found her outside the Greenhouse and smashed through the window and chases her through the cemetery. After losing him in the crypt, he isn't seen again until Aline returns to the fort after exchanging items with Carnby at the Gate. He engages in battle with her for the last time at the top of the fort where he is struck by lightning and finally dies.


Howard tends to recoil after every hit with the Grenade launcher or the Rocket Launcher, making him unable to attack before the player has to reload or when attacked by other enemies. The fight in the library is rather simple if the player has enough grenade ammo, just keep distance from his Melee attacks and shoot. It's best to run for the encounter with the Hybrid Elder in the outside enviorments including the fort entrance as he isnt required to kill to proceed. Not to mention Hounds of Tindalos are present in the cemetary and can further complicate things. The final battle with him involves striking him with the lighting rod multiple times. The way to do this is by watching the timing in between lighting strikes and running across the room so that the Hybrid Elder will jump across the conduit in the center and be struck if timing is right. 



  • During the battle in the library and at the fort it will not be possible to interact with any way out of the area, making it necessary to defeat the Hybrid Elder to continue.
  • In some trailers it is possible to see that the capsule in the library that contains the Hybrid Elder in the complete game, actually contained a Phocomelus . Presumably the boss was added later in development.
  • Many features of this creature (being the result of an experiment, the ability to stand up after being defeated and the character to chase the player for multiple areas) were taken by Mr. X , boss of Resident Evil 2 . In particular, the scene in which you see him rise again after the collision in the library is identical to the movies in which the aforementioned Tyrant gets back on his feet after the player has left the area in which he defeated him.
  • His appearance, in particular the teeth, the ears and the presence of only three fingers, make it look like the vampires appeared in the Legacy of Kain series .
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