Gender N/A
Race Humans inserted with the genetic material of the Creatures of Darkness
Location(s) Various areas around Shadow Island
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Hybrid profile

Hybrid art as seen in the Prima strategy guide

Hybrids are humans who have been transfused with the genetic materials of the Creatures of Darkness. Due to their composition of genetic materials within their body, they seem to have a heightened resistance to light weapons.


Hybrid first actual fight

Edward's first real confrontation with a hybrid

During the past decades, a number of unsolved kidnappings and the disappearance of residents and tourists throughout coastal Maine have perplexed the authorities and frightened local inhabitants—especially those living in remote areas. Now it's revealed that the vast majority of these unsolved disappearances (and those of the many retainers working for the Morton family)—they seem to have been the work of  Alan Morton which aided by his subservient brother Obed Morton.. Taken to Shadow Island, these “subjects” formed the basis of much of Alan’s complex experiments. Kept in cages in a laboratory deep within the bowels of an ancient fort, these hapless innocents were the first humans to experience the horrific fusing of the real and shadow worlds. The results are shambling half-human hybrids, driven insane by months of torture and inhuman suffering.

The most notable of those hybrids was the Hybrid Elder, who is said to have been Alan and Obed's own father. Alan boasted in his journal about his becoming a hybrid. The hybrid elder is the strongest of all of the hybrids seen on Shadow Island.

Encounters( with Edward Carnby)Edit

Alone in the dark 1

Hybrid's early debut at the gardens of Morton´s Mansion.

When they first appeared in game, as Edward Carnby as seen in picture below, they only appear for a brief moment during a lightning strike. Whether the enemies are real, a hallucination, or simply observing Carnby is unknown. They do not, however, materialize and attack Carnby as he investigates the gate.

The first real confrontation with this monster occurs when Carnby explores the mansion, where one of them has either devoured a corpse (implied due to it attempt to stand from a pile of blood) or is awakened by Carnby's presence. After killing it, Carnby would later confront many of these creatures as well as discover how these creatures are created from Alan's journal.


Standing tall and clad in the remains of whatever they were wearing when they were taken, the Hybrids have been released from their prison and now wander in a number of island locations. The creatures are humanoid in appearance with pink and red bloody skin, wearing tattered jean pants with a black belt, and stand taller than Carnby himself. Their faces are devoid of any appearance of eyes and have what appears to be a rudimentary mouth on their face. The most striking feature is appears to be a mouth in their chest.

Their walking is slow enough to evade except in tight hallways and around corners as jump scares.


Hybrids are usually encountered in groups of two or three—whenever you spot one of these shambling and moaning zombies, there’s sure to be another nearby. Pepper them with Triple-Barrel Shotgun fire at range—three blasts should do the trick (but watch your reload time!). The Grenade Launcher also works extremely well for dispelling these tormented souls.
If a Hybrid gets too close, expect to be lunged at, grabbed, and bitten around the neck, face, and shoulder. You automatically shake and wrestle with the Hybrid, desperate to push the beast back. This attack is highly damaging—around six of these maulings can fatally wound you. Blast the Hybrid with all available ordnance (usually the Shotgun), or simply avoid them before they get too close. The Hybrids’ supernatural nature becomes evident when they are vanquished—they dissolve into the shadows with a faint moaning. Although these horrors were once human, deviant laboratory experiments have sapped all humanity from these creatures. Those who still feel unable to destroy these crossbreeds, or those running short on ammunition, should move swiftly around them.


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