Hybrid Elder art

The Hybrid Elder is a creature of darkness fought several times by Aline Cedrac on Shadow Island in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare .


The Hybrid Elder is what is left of Howard Morton after his son Alan has practiced grotesque experiments on him, injecting the crystal structure from the Creatures of Darkness. The creature looks vaguely human, probably is the specimen of Hybrid prefect, with which it shares baldness, however, is considerably more robust (230 cm to 150 pounds), still it has the facial features, the eyes of an unnatural light red, mouth full of fangs and hands only three clawed fingers were using in combat to attack. It is unwisely awakened by Aline in the library of the Morton house and shows immediately extremely aggressive. Unlike regular Hybrid moves very quickly, to chase the prey uses all four limbs to move (similar to a four-legged animal) standing out leaps forward, while attacking straightens the back and uses her claws to hit, causing devastating damage . Enjoys a great physical endurance to the point that even when he is defeated is able to get up after a short time in full force, although it received very violent blows, his weak point seems to be the lightning, whose light intensity and are able definitely to kill him.



Aline will to collide repeatedly with the Hybrid Elder, the first of which in the library, immediately after it has awakened. The monster moves very quickly and is very difficult to space, but his attack is executed more slowly giving way to easily avoid it when it is achieved. The best strategy to get the better of him is bombard with heavy weapons (preferably the launcher) as explosions lock his office and force him to back off, then continue to hit it repeatedly, using the command Reload weapon from ' inventory, so as not to give him time to recover. After about 5 or 6 grenades accascerà the creature to the ground, apparently defeated.


Subsequently the Hybrid Elder reappear outside the greenhouse and will begin to chase Aline in all subsequent areas. At this stage it is useless to fight it because the Hybrid Elder reappear in any case in the area of ​​the cemetery shortly after. Even in the latter area it is advisable to flee to the crypt of Morton, where the monster does not chase the player.

Later the creature will reach the Fort, when Aline will come out to exchange the seal of Obed Morton with a stele that is in the possession of Carnby, and also in this case is absolutely not recommended to clash with him, being very easy to avoid at this juncture.

Finally, the Hybrid Elder reappears in the Jeremy Morton laboratory, immediately after Aline activates the lightning rod to operate the perforator. In this last battle is useless to shoot him, because you can not force him to surrender with conventional weapons, you must rather try to keep it at a distance running (taking advantage of the battle of the breadth). After the player is on the other side of the machine on which to refine the Lightning Hybrid Elder will try to skip it to close the gap; calculating good time and keeping an eye on the lightning (that announce that lightning is the next to hit) you can make the monster jumps exact moment when lightning passes through the machine, knocking him electrocuted. Since the lightning rods will remain raised for a limited time is necessary to try to hit at least twice the Hybrid Elder by lightning, however in the event that the lightning rods were to fall in the tower will be sufficient to interact again with the machine and restart the procedure. Once the monster has been hit by two lightning he will collapse to the ground, killed permanently.


  • During The battle in the library and the strong will not be possible to interact with no way out from the area, making it necessary to defeat the Elder Hybrid to continue.
  • In Some trailers you can see that the capsule in the library that contains the Hybrid Elder in the full game, actually contained a Phocomelus. Presumably the boss was added later in development.
  • Many Features of this creature (being the result of an experiment, the ability to get up after being defeated and character to chase the player for most areas) were taken from Mr. X, boss of Resident Evil 2. Especially the scene where you see it rise again after the clash in the library is identical to the movies in which the said Tyrant got to to his feet after the player has left the area in which he was defeated in.
  • its Appearance, especially the teeth, the ears and the presence of only three fingers, they do resemble the vampire appeared on the series Legacy of Kain.


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